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Being married a few years tends to convince you that your Significant Other brings no surprises to the mix other than the pissed-me-off-royally kind. Sometimes it can be a blast to be proven wrong.

My other half has a fascination for murder and mayhem – but only when it’s on television. He’s addicted in particular to NCIS in it’s many variations, though his preference lies with the Mark Harmon version. What cracked me up was to learn that my ridiculously conservative spousal unit’s attachment boils down to a massive crush on the character of Abbey Sciuto, a very pretty goth girl.

No, it doesn’t bother me in the least. I still go through periods of celebrity crushes. Why shouldn’t G?

Surprise #2: G is on Twitter. Allowing that we initially met online, I sometimes wonder if I imagined the whole thing because he comes mighty close to anti-social. When he connected to my Twitter account he immediately started flirting with me, heh. He had been just sort of putzing around with it before that.

If you want to say hi, his Twitter name is aztruckeronline.

On a more somber note, someone died today in our apartment complex. We didn’t get the details yet but suspect it was a drowning. I just hope it wasn’t a child. The ME was still on the
property as of an hour ago. There was no sense that any violence
involved, just a grieving family.

There is SUPPOSED to be a new water heater installed tomorrow. I hope that fixes the electrical overload and we finally have reliable hot water again

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