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Auto Recucitation

The li’l white car, she ain’t what she used to be.

The monster I’ve been driving technically still runs, but she’s definitely been sick.  She was overheating in a trip of less than half a mile.  Older daughter’s boyfriend (the only decent mechanic in the family) took her apart to look tonight.  The final diagnosis?  G kept telling me he was putting water in the radiator and I was trusting him to take care of it.  Apparently he was putting water in the overflow but hadn’t – in months – bothered to take the cap off the radiator and check it.  So yeah – when the radiator is only about a third full it’s probably going to overheat.

Computers I know.  I know just enough about cars to know I’d be better off letting someone else take care of them.  Just not, apparently, when that someone else is G.  So I guess I put car maintenance back on my list of responsibilities and let G get comfy in the doghouse.

In all fairness, we’ve gotten our money’s worth with that car many times over.  We’ve been driving it for nearly three years and only paid $800 for it to start with.  The only repairs we’ve done to date were tires, battery and alternator.  Those things would’ve been applicable for most any vehicle during the same time period, even a newer car.

If we can tough it out a bit, I should be able to scrape together enough for an upgrade.  Just can’t do it quite this minute.  But what the heck – I’m the only one in the family who works for a living, so who gives a shit if I get stranded in the middle of the night.

Yet another disastrous fiasco with PayPal’s joke Bill Me Later program.  If you’ve ever considered using it, please don’t.  You WILL be screwed over, royally, one way or another.  My daughter (the one here that Poolie and Anneke met) asked me to order her baby crib online through Wally World.  She gave me the cash to cover the cost, and it was certainly a legitimate enough expense.  The little guy’s been sleeping in a tiny portable playpen and he’s outgrown it.  I had the money in my bank account to cover and figured I’ll deposit the cash tomorrow.

So I place my order using PayPal because I do NOT like putting my credit card numbers online.  And was promptly declined, which puzzled me until I remembered that I’d told the folks at PayPal to freeze the BML system after the LAST mess that cost me a small fortune.  The Bill Me Later set itself up as my default payment choice when I originally signed up for the service and I’d never changed it.  So I reordered the crib and changed the payment method, only to discover (after logging in to be sure the option was permanently moved away from Bill Me Later) that there was a payment which was approved for a couple of hundred bucks and a pending payment for Bill Me Later for the same amount.  Despite the fact that Wally World claimed the payment declined, they’re still trying to charge me for it.

I went ballistic all over PayPal tonight, and tomorrow it’s the bank’s turn because they still haven’t reimbursed me for the invalid NSF fees there.  At least this mess won’t result in more NSF fees, but sheesh…

My next step will be to the media.  As Poolie pointed out when she was here, banks these days are a popular and easy target because they are so blatant with their criminal behaviors.  And why shouldn’t they?  Taxpayers bailed them out so nobody responsible was ever made to actually take a hit for their malfeasance.  I think the interest will be equally valid in PayPal’s service.  It might not get back my money but hopefully it will at least prevent someone else from getting caught in the same steaming pile of poo.

Thank GOD I kept out a big chunk of cash the past few weeks, something I normally avoid like the plague.  Cash in a pocket is entirely too easy to spend.  I did spend a little of it – groceries and such, but also a set of king sized sheets on clearance at Target for less than $20, including four king sized pillowcases.  Before I got those we only had one set of sheets for our bed.  And I bought some undies on sale, replaced my Bluetooth headset and my watch.  Since the daughter and grandson units moved in I haven’t been able to find the power cord to charge my old Bluetooth and haven’t been able to find a compatible replacement cord.  When I am driving I need a hands-free option for the phone and not comfortable without the Bluetooth.  Right now I’ll grab at any stress-reduction option I can get.  I got the second-cheapest headset and called it good enough.

Much as I am bitching tonight, I’m grateful at least that the bills are paid, we’ve got food in the house, rent’s paid and such, and I still do have a few dollars in my pocket.  (Enough to pay the other couple of bills that come up between now and the end of the month plus a bit left over.)  I’ve seen the day that would’ve made me feel like I was rich as Midas.

Here’s hoping the diagnosis is the right one.  I’m too tired to give a proper shit at the moment.

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