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Ass Hauling Accomplished

It took calling in favors from several fronts, but I have rearranged a bit to get to work for at least the next few days.  The older daughter’s boyfriend, the mechanically-inclined one, says he thinks the car can be made to roll again with a fairly low amount of cash out of pocket.  I’m counting on it.  He said the engine hasn’t blown, like I was figuring.  More likely one of two issues: one is a roughly $5 part, the other a bit over $100.

Yes, it’ll be a stopgap.  Still, if we can plug it for a bit longer…

The definition of friendship is this.  One of my friends took me to work this morning at 5am.  Now we both work in the same location – but he doesn’t start work until 9am.  That, my darling, is loyalty above and beyond, and I let him know I appreciated it.  I didn’t know how I’d get home this afternoon when I went in this morning.  I managed to setup the ride home and a ride for Monday with one person and a ride with another person  for a few more days after that.

I won’t pretend it isn’t stressful, but G reminded me that everything happens for a reason, and he’s right.   Were I driving these next few days it might’ve resulted in an accident, or worse.  It meant canceling overtime tomorrow that I really wasn’t up to working.  Who knows?  Could’ve been the tipping point for my health.  The thought of sleeping in tomorrow sounds like heaven to me.  This week’s been rough.

Frustrating as it’s been with the house-buying situation, I’m definitely grateful that got sidelined.  With gas projected to hit $7 a gallon this summer, the prospect of an hour drive each way is even more prohibitive.  Either we’ll need to stay in town or the prices in the boonies need to come down even further before I’d feel comfortable taking that step.  And we’d still have to have another vehicle.

So I will trust that things will work out.  They will, too.  The car will be fixed, or we’ll win the lottery (I have to remember to buy the tickets) or something will dovetail to get us where we legitimately need to be.  And in talking with some family members, that might actually turn out to be me on disability.  G said he’d like to be working first, which makes sense, then he wants me to apply.

I just might do it, too.  We’ll see how it works out.

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