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Asleep at the Wheel

Thank GOD it is a short week for me.  I have a 4-day weekend ahead, with Thursday and Friday as vacation days where I plan on actually taking a vacation.  What a concept!  Lack of sleep the past couple of days has very nearly been my undoing.

The house hunt is less frantic but still on.  While the little house remains in reserve, we’re still looking at other, larger options along the way too.  Our realtor is a gem and has the patience of Job over our meager budget vs. the number and likelihood of scoring available homes.  We’re into nosebleed territory (for us, anyway) in pricing but hoping that something will fall into place before everything is said and done.

We’re looking at three more properties at the moment, each bigger than the itty bitty place.  While we will absolutely go for the small house if we can’t do anything else, it needs a LOT of work for the money and is mighty limited on storage.  With a spousal unit who’s a pack rat and a daughter who’s right there with him, I don’t know if it’s better to go smaller and thus restrict the available space for them to fill, or to go larger so I don’t fall prey to the avalanche of stuff.  I do know I’d like someplace I genuinely like, instead of taking on yet another case of settling for whatever’s cheapest.  Besides which, after all the things we’d have to do to make it work for us, we might as well sink the money into something more spacious.

While I built a slideshow of one of the places, it’s being kept in reserve unless and until we hear something.  We’re getting down to the wire for time now and should be pinning something definitive down very, very shortly.  If it’s small and cozy, so be it.  If it’s a bit pricier but more comfortable, that’s fine too.  I just know with small and cozy I’m going to want to move on in a couple of years. With either of the two larger places we’re eying, I think I could stay put very happily for a while to come.

Considering how much I loath the moving process, I’m still hoping for a miracle.  I just hope for sleep first, starting oh, about now!

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