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Ask and You Shall Be Inundated

The past couple of weeks have been hairy times. I truly didn’t know how we were going to pay the bills this month. Heck, the only reason we could pay them last month was because of an unexpected refund check.

I’d decided to do the Mystery Shopper thing, and if you follow me on FB (and everyone here except Dangerspouse does, far as I know), you know that turned out to be a big ol’ can of Oh HELL no. There was a lot more to it than just losing fifth gear when I was a hundred miles out of town. That was almost minor in comparison to some of the stuff that I had to contend with on that trip. What’s even worse is that because of the malfunctioning app, I could’t get paid. The trip was literally made for nothing, nada, zilch.

Thanks to a nasty allergic reaction on top of an already nasty infected foot that wouldn’t heal, I landed in the ER a couple of nights ago, too. No money and no insurance. Yee-haw! This week just kept gettin’ better, y’all.

Sooo… Contrary to how this entry began, it gets better. Trust me. Stick around.

First – the foot. Had a doc take a look and I’m now the proud owner of a triad of kick-ass meds, including a steroid to knock down the out-of-control swelling and inflammation. Yeah, it was bad. Not athlete’s foot, as it turned out, which is probably a good thing since the athlete’s foot med I used was what created the allergic reaction. The combined bill for the prescription topped $100 – except I had one of those useless prescription discount cards that turned out to be a lot more useful than I thought. Instead of $120-ish, I paid just under $35 for all three prescriptions. Still $35 I’d have preferred to save, but a lot better than $120-ish.

Hubby and I talked today, I checked the bank account expecting to see $XX – short of the mark but within spitting range. Umm.. no. I forgot an automatic payment that hit. So instead of $XX we had $.xx. So we brainstormed a bit and decided that there was no choice but to wipe out our yard sale money entirely, literally every penny of it, putting it with a small online sales payment we knew would hit tomorrow. As hubby pointed out, yeah it would be hard, but it wouldn’t be as hard as not having anyplace to live. I was just as determined not to do that except if there was absolutely no other alternative, because that’s literally our only semi-steady income right now.

We also both agreed, out loud, that our needs would be met and something would break open for us this month, in a big way.

As I mentioned, I knew already that as of tomorrow we’d have a payment hit the bank account, because our Etsy store recorded a few sales over the past few days. Not enough to cover the full space rent, but enough to make at least a dent. Then I decided to phone our old water company, which has owed us a refund for months and months. I got through, only to be told that the check was sent out today, to our old address. Not the end of the world since I knew it would show up in a week or two, since we have our mail forwarded, but sooner would’ve been better.

Over the next three hours, however, it got interesting.

First, that check mailed today, that couldn’t possibly have gotten here for at least another week? It was in our mailbox today. Forwarding and all.

Second, I got an urgent text message from a different mystery shopping company that wanted me to do a phone shop – literally the whole thing on my phone – that their original shopper dumped out on. No driving, no video, nothing to be recorded, just a written report and a phone call. Ka-CHING. Pays next month, I assume, but I’ll take it.

Third, talked to the mystery shopper company I DID drive for and they said to send what I got – as long as the audio is good enough they’ll take it, and that’s $150-ish I didn’t think I’d see.

I also got an email from someone I’d helped with book design and formatting – introducing me to two of her friends who needed design help. Those are one-off jobs, but MUCH better paying one-off jobs.

That’s not all, but those are the highlights. By mid afternoon, we knew we’d still have to borrow some from the yard sale money, but not enough to put us completely out of business. We’ve made another modest online sale that should be paying within the next week – enough to cover another bill – and so on. So the Universe provided again. The last-minute saves are a little bit nerve wracking, but I’m learning to take deep breaths and keep chugging along.


  1. Captain Poolie Captain Poolie December 2, 2016

    I was a mystery shopper for a long time in Minnesota. LOVED it! I worked for a company out of Tennessee. I did it all. The best one was receiving floral arrangements on Valentine’s Day. Hilarious since the smaller companies used the same delivery service. I was getting 4-5 at a time (over and over all day long). I ended up with something like 45 arrangements.

    • leilani leilani Post author | December 2, 2016

      I don’t mind the shopping part, but these are supposed to be video shops. Given the angle and size of my boobilage, can’t stick my phone in my pocket – it takes shots of the ceiling. But going through on my chair, if I hold the phone in my hand and get shots, it captures people’s crotches. Umm… not a good thing. Plus the company that has the best paying jobs uses a proprietary app that crashed and burned so hard that by my third stop I had to uninstall/reinstall – and in the process, lose the first two I’d already done. It was not what I’d call a successful run, lol.

      The videos I had, such as they were, were saved to my phone’s gallery, but all the report details entered into their system was wiped. I sure as shit wasn’t driving back to the Mexican border at midnight, with a car that was already a few steps past “iffy”. I’ve been working with their tech support to try and get the videos uploaded from the phone or computer to their Box account, but so far that’s been a bust, too. Not impressed.

      I am, however, working with another couple of companies, so hopefully they’ll work out a little better. One’s truly not worth my time – 40 mile drive, one way, for $10, not worth it.

  2. Terri Tinkel Terri Tinkel December 4, 2016

    So sorry for all the bad stuff that is going on. I sure hope it sorts itself out soon. You have a way of keeping the faith and I think it will turn out just fine in the end.

    • leilani leilani Post author | December 7, 2016

      Thank you, Terri – we’re getting there, and will survive one way or another. I swear we will!

  3. Hil Hil December 7, 2016

    It is like walking in deep snow, you put your foot down, not sure where it is going to land, then take another step on faith. It looks like you are doing it right, with many streams of income from various sources. I’m glad about the meds! That’s a good savings!

    • leilani leilani Post author | December 7, 2016

      I wish I could say the meds took care of the issue. Unfortunately they didn’t, so I’m going to have to go find a free clinic and see what – if anything – they can do. So tired of this. :/

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