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Arizona Finally Got It Right

Y’all know I’m not a big fan of the local political regime.  That definitely hasn’t changed.

But for once I’m genuinely proud of Arizonans as a people.

Following up on the Tucson shooting spree, the Westboro Baptist Church, of all things, announced they intend to picket the funeral of the little 9-year-old who was murdered.

Tucsonians, bless their hearts, pretty much told Westboro Baptist Church what they could do with themselves.   CNN reports here that in Tucson, the Westboro group will be met by a wall of people – hopefully a substantial one – that will shield mourners.

What on earth did this child do that would prompt Westboro to picket?  I don’t recall reading that she was a lesbian.  Was it that she was accompanying her parents to a grocery store?  Subversive stuff, that Safeway parking lot.  Really horrendous sin there, Lou.  Or maybe it was that she was listening to a politician.  Her parents may have been listening to the politician; something tells me that a 9-year-old could have cared less.  Maybe she was wearing jeans and these people have an issue with a woman in pants.  I thought that was a Penticostal Holiness affectation, but whatever.  I dunno about you, but I don’t remember any part of Jesus’s teachings that told his people to trash-talk and be so blatantly disrespectful of an innocent child’s funeral.

Oh.  Wait.

They’re picketing this little girl’s funeral because her family is Catholic.  They apparently find the whole freedom of religion note in the Constitution inconvenient at best, offensive at worst.  Never mind that without it, doubtful they’d exist.  If Westboro’s intent is to make the Baptist church so deplorable that no decent person wants any part of it, congratulations are in order.  It’s pretty much a done deal.  And for the folks who protest that not all Baptists are like this, I understand.  However, this 21st-century KKK is still a Baptist church and the organization hasn’t divorced itself from the ongoing hatred.  So yes, I DO hold the Baptist organization responsible until they sever all ties.

*Deep breath*

Other than that, I’m enjoying a day off.  An actual vacation day, one of two scheduled for this month.  I have to go get Molezilla removed this afternoon; will be doing actual cooking for dinner, and otherwise planning to write.  Well, rewrite; I’m doing cleanup no a story I started eons ago.  It’ll probably be the first thing on the eBook site (that or Terri’s manuscript.)  I have downloaded an open source program to convert files to ePub format, and have been doing my homework on what kind of files the eReaders can use.  So far I am right:  PDF is the one most consistent across the different readers.

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