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Any Body Home?

According to the song by John Denver, some days are diamonds, some days are stone. Funny thing about me, I am not a big fan of diamonds, but give me a pretty and/or unusual stone and I’m happy.

When I still hadn’t heard from my doctor’s office three weeks after doing a series of tests, I called in expecting another round of, “Oh your results are fine so shut up and stop bothering us.” Couched in much more politically correct language, naturally, but that would be the gist of the message. Imagine my surprise when (after the third attempt to get my call answered at all) I was told the blood tests came back reading rheumatoid arthritis. For some people that would be a devastating diagnosis. For me it means hope that the next doctor might not dismiss me outright. If it means treatment to manage the pain, so much the better.

My phone died this afternoon, but not until after I studiously ignored one stupendous pain in the ass time-sucking jerk. Long story, not for prime time. Let’s just say I willingly gave an inch and he took it as an invitation to become emperor of the planet. I disagreed and blew him out of orbit. Hearing from him again would not be in his best interest.

I bit the bullet and got a voice to text program called Dragon naturally speaking. It’s can take some getting used to but I think I like it. I decided to dictate the rest of this entry using the voice to text option, and it doesn’t do half bad at keeping up. Of course it needs to have quiet. In my part of the world quiet is a premium, and my premium stuff costs more than I can usually afford. Given the diagnosis of the day though, I think this was a worthwhile investment.

This is all being dictated on-the-fly with the program. I’ve been consistently surprised at how accurate it seems to be. This has to be a short entry tonight, but I’m feeling a little bit better about things for a number of reasons. I still have to deal with work, family, and all the rest of the folderol. Now I can just yell it out if I need to. When I do, it will set up a note just like that.

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