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Another One Bites The Dust

The house was a bust, again.  Talking with realtor it’s the same everywhere: investors are snapping up homes so nobody who actually wants to LIVE there has a chance. Realtor and I also discussed that the expected foreclosure glut is probably the light at the end of our tunnel.

We should start seeing the market flood with foreclosures in the next month or thereabouts.

In one sense I am saddened at the prospect of purchasing a foreclosure.  It is in essence profiting from someone else’s misfortune, and a house under those circumstances will come with the associated negativity.  (If that makes me superstitious, so be it.)  Of course our intent is to reverse the negativity, blessing the home as it were with life.

The one positive aspect is that most of the investment pirates (sorry Poolie) don’t mess with foreclosures for a lot of reasons, so we won’t have the same level of competition for the properties.  The speculators have artificially inflated the market overall, which means prices are currently hiked for everything.

G and I talked – we don’t give a shit if we have to do painting and flooring if we can get a home for a reasonable price.  We can do those things in our own time.  G loves to paint, and if push comes to shove we can do flooring over time.  Laminate with a 50-year warranty is around $2 a square foot at the big box home improvement stores (at least the one we wanted was) and we can install that ourselves.  Some of the other laminate options were even lower in cost.  We’re in our mid 50’s.  A 25 year warranty is likely going to be there longer than we will.  Furthermore, if we do our own renovations, we can choose our colors and really make it the home we want.  That’s a very, very good thing!

So while we might need to work on things incrementally, it’s definitely within the realm if we can get something that doesn’t break the bank.  That extra $30K-$40K market inflation tacked on by the “investors” makes a significant difference.  We shall see if the same pricing structure holds if/when a buttload of new homes are released into the market.

Being up at this time of the morning is the lovely gift allergy season, with a twist.  I had to leave work yesterday because of coughing.  It had gotten so bad I couldn’t get out two words in a row without hacking up a lung.  Not a cold, nothing like that: just allergy season with a vengeance.

The doctor’s office squeezed me in and while I was hoping for a quick fix of prescription to get me through the next week or so, my doc had another solution.  He said he could give me the prescription or he could give me a steroid shot which should kick the inflammation in the keister for the next couple of months or so – right through the end of allergy season.

Guess which I chose?

Guess what ALSO as a result has cleared up a lot of the inflammation in my joints as well, making my life significantly more comfortable even before the 24-hour mark he said would be when I’d see the biggest difference?

It.  Feels.  AWESOME. not to hurt.  I didn’t even realize how much that was draining me.  I feel better physically than I have in years.

Dinner was early last night (daughter cooked whilst hubby and I were out) and after I finished eating I promptly passed out.  I think I was out cold before 4:30.  Since I slept like the dead for several hours, when I woke a bit after midnight I was wide awake and ravenous.

Don’t know yet whether that’s good or bad.  With all that’s going on I have lost weight.  The scales say it’s around 15lbs of weight lost in the last couple of months, including a couple of pounds since last Wednesday.  (Doctor visits close together tell all, heh.)  So while I’m glad I feel better, I’d love to see THAT trajectory continue!

I knew I’d been losing weight, just didn’t have any idea how much.  I have had to update my wardrobe because my closet and I were increasingly out of sync.  The pair of pants I bought last night were THREE SIZES smaller than I was wearing six months ago, and while they were snug, they were definitely not too small.  I can live with that!

So…. a bit of short term frustration, but a re-crunching of numbers and timelines mean this will probably work out better for us anyway.  I was worried about the foreclosure timeline – that part, as it happens, will actually dovetail beautifully with what we need.  Since we’ve come this far, hopefully we can get something that closes in the second half of July, which would carry us through the end of our lease.  The foreclosures are supposed to hit starting  next month.  If the pattern holds that should mean a peak in late May or early June, which would be PERFECT timing.  From offer to close on a foreclosure, per my realtor, is 5-6 weeks.

If waiting a few weeks means we can get the house we want for a better price, without competing with the foreign investors, so be it.  I can grit my teeth and wait a bit longer, lol.

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