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Another Dust Bites the One

If G was gay it would explain SOOOOO much…  He’s spent the past three days like a whirling dervish, cleaning, shampooing carpeting, rearranging furniture, etc., etc.  The man’s got a good eye for decorating, too.

Like I said…

I didn’t get home until after 5 tonight, having left before 5 this morning for work.  Didn’t work all that long but Jiminy Christmas, my phone started ringing about half an hour before I got off work and didn’t stop until just before I got home.  Oldest son was still stranded – got his tire as far as the house but nobody could be bothered to take him another couple of miles to get the car.  Daughter wanted something.  Youngest son announced his engagement.  Then oldest son, then daughter, etc., etc.  Not necessarily bad stuff, obviously, but sheesh!  I didn’t bother calling G except to say I’d be late and traffic was horrendous.  (It was.)

Dinner was once more courtesy of the freezer, though this time it was frozen pizza made in the real oven.  Wasn’t even cooked through but by that point I didn’t care.  After getting maybe two or three hours of sleep last night I’m going to make a quick post here then gulp down some Tylenol PM and ooze into the freshly-made bed.  G still does all the laundry.  Good thing this week, because there’s a whole bale of straw on this camel’s back and the knees are definitely getting wobbly.

Speaking of wobbly knees – I’d completely blanked out the fact that I still had almost half a gallon of magnesium oil.  A couple of applications later and I’m feeling significantly improved on the knee front, too.  It’s not going to carry me through a marathon, but gets me through a normal day.  I’m just counting down toward taking care of the stuff I’ve been putting off for entirely too long.

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