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And a-One and a-Two

Anybody my age range has probably seen Lawrence Welk. He was a parental staple of the 1960’s and into the 70’s and even 80’s. My parents watched religiously, which I found ironic given that our church ostensibly didn’t believe in dancing.

I also remember seeing the Beatles on the Sullivan show – the original, in real time, just before we left for church. My mom was appalled that the kids were screaming and crying over this “long-haired boys” group.

I can sort of see her point. I love the Beatles’ music to this day, but screaming and crying and fainting? No, can’t really see myself doing any of those things, not for any performer. I didn’t as a teen either, though I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my contemporaries behaved with comparable silliness at concerts by CCR. The craziness surrounding the Fab Four is downright quaint in comparison to the mosh pits today. I suppose someday our current insanity will be recalled as a nostalgic bender, with the spiked hair and obscenity-laced lyrics viewed as an age of innocence. Not sure I want to know what would make some of this crap sound innocent, but given the overall arc of life it’s bound to happen.

Then again, it may be that the future kids will rebel in the opposite direction, rejecting the jagged styles and ragged attitudes we see now, turning into Ozzie and Harriet III. Cycles come and go. Here’s hoping that at some point in the relatively near future, common sense and class come back into vogue.

We are finally making some kind of progress. We got the water turned on and the power turned on (yay!) and next up will be going through all of the various and sundry sections to make sure they’re working. The cooling fan works. We turned it on and generated our own personal dust storm indoors. It was a sight to behold. We just opened all the doors and windows and let ‘er blow, all things considered, and in a few minutes it all calmed down. We’ll be washing down walls and ceilings and all the flooring is being ripped out anyway, so the dust didn’t really hurt anything. I wish I’d gotten a picture though. I’ve never seen anything like it. Suffice to say, we added duct cleaning to our to-do list!

I talked G into dumping the fridge and getting a new one. I don’t want to go spend crazy, but neither do I want to be stranded a few months from now when that one goes out (if it even works now – which was very much in question.) We can get a new one that size for about $450, give or take. I already priced them.

We’re going to be connecting with our handyman for a few projects. Servicing the cooling system, absolutely. Removing the fire-hazard garbage disposal and replacing the unusable faucets in kitchen and bath, fer sure. I’m sure other things will come up along the way, too, but so far everything looks manageable. I can replace the light fixtures that need replacing – I don’t think any two match throughout the whole place, and some are just atrocious. We have a mix of brass and chrome and dark bronze fixtures and doorknobs, all beyond tacky. I think what we have for replacement cabinet handles are brushed nickel, so that’s probably the direction we’ll take overall.

And the dirt. Holy cow… Before we had the water turned on, I simply wanted to wipe down the cabinet where we were putting the microwave. It took seven bouts of spray, soak, wipe, repeat. The grime was that thick and nasty. And I was using a heavy duty cleaner on that sucker, too! By the time I finished though, it looked new. I managed to remove all the grit, coffee rings, etc., from who knows how many spills.

It will definitely take some work to get it all done, but we’ll get there. I’m way over living with someone else already.


  1. Terri Tinkel Terri Tinkel August 11, 2016

    The good news is how fresh and clean it will all be when you are ready to move in. The bad news is that you have to do it at all. Good luck…pace yourselves…just think how nice it will be by the time the holidays come around again.

    • leilani leilani Post author | August 14, 2016

      We’re working smart. First project Monday morning (or tomorrow, if we decide to do it) will be to setup the window AC unit. Once that’s working, G will resume tearing out old carpet and vinyl and I’ll start washing down ceilings and walls with tri-sodium phosphate to prep for painting. We talked about painting the cabinets after we move in, rather than before. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad idea. It would let us move in sooner by a day or two, but then we have to paint around cooking and putting things away, which isn’t so awesome.

      I AM looking forward to it being done. I think it’ll look wonderful!

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