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Alternative Irony

It finally dawned on me why so many people voted for Trump.

It’s simple, when you think about it.

Politicians never keep their campaign promises. Never. Think about it. It’s the assumption that they’re lying out of their collective assets.


Nobody once considered the possibility that Trump might actually carry through on what he said he’d do if elected to office. And yet, he did. He did exactly what he said he’d do, and more. He began the systematic and fast-paced dismantling of our nation’s government, twisting the last shreds of democracy into ironclad dictatorship of the 1%. We voted for this beast as a nation, and we got what we as a nation asked for. In what is possibly the most ironic moment in human history, a man’s honesty was our downfall.

To be fair, I still don’t like Clinton and am not sure how much of an improvement that shitstorm would have been. As a Trumpkin pointed out – not without justification – it’s not like the Clintons were exactly paragons in their business and political dealings, either. I voted Clinton with a proverbial gun held to my head – the Trump gun. Had the GOP offered a moderate (yes, despite all evidence to the contrary, there once existed moderate Republicans), I’d have voted Republican without blinking. I still find myself wondering if the Dems manipulated the GOP to get Trump in because he was the only candidate they figured Hillary could beat easily, and they were blindsided by how badly they miscalculated. It’s been pretty well documented that they manipulated the primaries to eliminate Bernie Sanders, voters be damned. Given the previous Clinton associations with The Donald, nothing would surprise me.

I tried talking to both sides of the divide when it was still possible to do something about it by voting. Now we’re stuck with a Cheeto in Chief whose mental capacity rivals a mentally challenged amoeba, and the puppet masters being appointed to run the show. I am not blind to the atrocities happening, but I am not going to waste my time and my breath trying to change anyone’s mind. It doesn’t achieve a thing. I get the concept of protesting, but that ship has sailed. We signed away our right to disagree by electing a man who’s outlawing it as fast as the ink can dry on his signatures. There’s no way those documents were prepared in the XX days since the swearing-at swearing-in. This was the most calculated, ballsy coup I’ve ever seen.

Eh, end of political rant.

The new job is interesting. I still think once I get the hang of it I’ll be able to do it in my sleep. And I’m ridiculously okay with that. Since this is an international company with HQ overseas, I’m hedging my bets against the potential we might have to immigrate.

We have the dynamic duo (grandsons) here with us tonight. The little one with autism has learned to say grandma, and calls me that now at least part of the time.  He knows (and uses) his cousin’s name, and now understands that grandma and mama and papa and cousin each are distinct people with their own distinct names. (The dog, too, but that’s another story.) The dawning context is a huge progression. No more echoes; when he talks now he does so of his own volition, with knowledge and intent. He understands everything now instead of parroting more than half. That’s a massive breakthrough. Our other monster contributes to the progress, I think. The interaction is good for both of them. Our talkaholic needs social interaction because it’s who he is. Our new talker has leapfrogged forward with the help of a cousin who talks to him too – a little one his size and age, who shares his interests and actively seeks him out to play and have conversations. It’s the ultimate win-win.

I’m tired tonight – my body’s still not back in the swing of a working schedule. I’ll get there. And, as hubby and I have discussed, this isn’t forever.

One thing on the near horizon, thanks to the new job and because of it, is a new set o’ wheels. We have our eyes on this:


Snazzy, huh? It’s our compromise dream car, if you will. Hubby’s Mr. Mercedes, which for a number of reasons isn’t happening. I don’t want a Mercedes. They cost a lot to own and operate and frankly they don’t do what we need ’em to do. This little wagon/SUV crossover is economical (4 cylinder engine) and still a lot of snazzy extras. I get a fleet discount from work if we decide to buy new, or if we get one that’s a year or two old, it should drop the payment even further. The thought of taking on an auto loan doesn’t appeal to me, but I’m even less thrilled at the thought of being stranded should our anachronism of a standard-transmission rattletrap dump out so I can’t get to work. The heater and AC died this week, and it still jumps out of 5th gear on the freeway. We’ve replaced the clutch twice in as many years. It still gets me from point A to point B for the moment, and I trust it will hold us for a little longer. However, it’s time for us to look at other options as soon as time and budget permit, staying ahead of the curve.

My teeth are a priority though, even ahead of the vehicle. I have a wisdom tooth growing in sideways and it’s pushing another tooth out of its socket, which is about as much fun as it sounds. The tooth that’s being dislodged has  developed a split. (Yup, that’s fun too.) It’s not conducive to doing a good job on the new job, so I’m hoping I can get some dental work started with my second paycheck, third at latest.

Time for me to wrap this puppy up for tonight. Not exactly a thrilling entry, I know, but it took until past midnight to get both boys settled down and if not asleep, at least headed that direction.


  1. Hil Hil February 4, 2017

    So much happening! You know how I feel about politics…I just can’t stop watching the train wreck. Very good news about grandson’s speech! It is so cool to see these milestones unfold. That car is gorgeous and I am so glad for you! Yes!

    • leilani leilani Post author | February 4, 2017

      We’re super pleased about the grandson’s progress. His speech is growing clearer and more varied all the time. It’s terrific that he has this added incentive now to challenge him. We get to see the boys every couple of weeks or so 🙂

      As to the political sewer line, I’m just doing my best to steer clear of it for now. I don’t like burying my head in the sand, but the reality is that there isn’t much I can do to change things. Our new President – and I use the term loosely – has made it clear he’s all about wiping freedoms off the table. We’ve been gradually devolving into a feudal society for a while now. The rate of devolution has simply increased with this new administration. He may put an end to humanity by nuclear war – again, while obviously nothing I want, neither am I able to impact the decision. Cheetolini and his puppet masters have the controls. I don’t know how far this coup has to progress before I risk my life to confront it. It may be when my grandchildren – a couple of who are mixed race – are directly threatened or, god forbid, hurt. I don’t know how strong I am, physically, mentally, or emotionally, but I have a feeling our unduly elected monster will push those limits.

      My only comfort is that their control is limited to this planet, this time juncture, this corner of the material world. They can’t touch my soul or spirit and can’t end the universe (thank God.) If they pull the proverbial trigger, I’ll revolve back into another body, another time, hopefully one well past the time of Chump.

  2. Terri Tinkel Terri Tinkel February 5, 2017

    I hope you can get your teeth taken care of and then get that car. It sounds like a great vehicle for you ~ especially for those garage sale items!

    As for the state of the nation, I’m not sure when all the dust will settle but it is getting scary out there for sure.

    • leilani leilani Post author | February 5, 2017

      Thank you, Terri. Hubby and I talked about it and agreed on the wheels, so hopefully soon we can make them happen!

      I agree on the state of the nation. Not an encouraging situation.

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