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All the Tweets Horses

Twitter is this ridiculous, pointless, and subversive creation that, much like sugar and crack cocaine, can become addictive.  The same could probably be said of blogging, or Failbook Facebook, and the soon-to-be-dearly-departed MySpace, but who’s counting?

Twitter is still near the upper arc of the trend-line, and while I don’t pretend to claim it’s my favorite hangout I do visit now and again.  I visit more now that my other half is online and a Twitter monster.  We do a bit of back-and-forth but it’s mostly him and family overseas.  I don’t have to speak the language to get the gist of it.  G’s sister emailed me recently with a very sweet note a few days ago, saying I must be doing something right because G’s been more communicative and upbeat than in a long time.  I don’t see how that’s my doing; after all, I’d been nagging trying to talk him into contacting her for years before he finally did.  He actually IS more communicative and substantially more happy overall lately.  Oh he still bitches and whines because face it, he’s male and that’s what he does.  He’s also a Cancer – as in, born in the sign of.  It’s his nature and I have accepted it.  Fortunately my natal chart and my past history make me an expert at ignoring when warranted.  If you have any doubt, ask my kids.  I can shut out pretty much anything short of an atom bomb if I have to, and I wouldn’t rule out the latter if push came to shove.

Today was a bizarre day at work.  I went in with a more or less lackadaisical attitude leftover from last night’s post – and slammed it before the day was out.  I say “slammed” a good way.  It generated more than a few high fives as I exited the building.  I am sitting back with arms crossed and keeping copies of everything and taking a wait-and-see approach before budgeting for the payout that SHOULD result.

I still get residuals of a couple of bucks a month or so from stuff I wrote something like three years ago.  It’s such a miniscule amount I don’t bother transferring it to my bank account, but it’s perfect when I decide to download an MP3 from Amazon.  Until recently I didn’t know that both Amazon and iTunes have a fair assortment of free tunes, too.  Just pick a genre and download.  If it’s good, yay!  If not, no great loss.  I am a fan of New Agey stuff, preferably in instrumental form.  My favorites lean toward Celtic tunes and Pan flutes and nature sounds.  They are a fabulous boon for meditation and just plan decompressing at the end of the day.  Come dark, I camp out in bed with MP3 player, book and TV control, in no particular order.  That combination is better than a sleeping pill: faster working by far AND no groggy unsafe-to-drive moments at o’dark thirty when I leave for work.

The PlayPal money works just peachy for other downloadables, too, including hypnosis audio files.  99 cent-ers, mostly, and they really have been a Godsend.  My sleep patterns have improved substantially and ditto for eating habits.  I eat one helping for dinner now and can barely finish that.  (Tonight I didn’t finish it.)  If that continues it’s bound to have an effect in the right direction sooner or later.

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