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All Grace and Thanks

Today has been a day when I’m feeling mighty thankful for so very many things.

Physically speaking, grace eludes me at the moment.  My walk is still understandably lopsided; however, considering I’m 48 hours out of knee surgery and pretty darned ambulatory, I am more than okay with an uneven gait for a while.

I did talk with the surgeon last night.  He called and told me what what he found inside my knee, which was – and I quote – “a mess.”  I don’t know yet the degree of follow up I’ll have; I gather the meniscus (essentially all of the cartilage directly behind the knee cap) was beyond salvage.  Most likely that means injections of artificial cartilage in my foreseeable future.  At some point down the line it may mean knee replacement.  It definitely means I have to keep insurance current because those injections are outrageously expensive.  Knee doc said he also drained away a lot of fluid and cut away a lot of cysts.  I would imagine the biopsy and other test results will be back when I go in for follow up next week.  It’ll be interesting to see if anything identifiable turns up from the testing.  So far everything’s come back negative but nobody really knew the extent of what was there until the doctor went in and started slicing and dicing.

I am extremely grateful that someone finally listened and that there was a medical solution.  I had more than one prior doctor tell me to quit faking and get back to work when I was in so much pain I could hardly bear it.  Later the diagnosis was moderate arthritis and fibromyalgia, nothing anyone could do about it – and incidentally I should quit bitching because I was exaggerating the situation, after all.

Well-meaning friends suggested all my physical issues were psychosomatic in origin.  People believe what they want to believe, so I bit my tongue and let it go.

Little sis cooked and carted Thanksgiving dinner to us.  She volunteered for the job and I was and am grateful for it.  Sis outdid herself with turkey and all the trimmings.  Normally I am the big cook of the bunch; it was really a double treat for me to be lazy (so to speak) and let somebody else do the cooking.  I was also lucky enough to be given leftovers, including a whole pumpkin pie.  Yum!

Now that surgery is done I’m going to bust my butt trying to plan for the house.  I was ready to write off location #2 because of daughter and grandson living with us.  G nixed that, pointing out (rightly) that this will be our home.  We’re probably going to retire there.  It needs to meet our needs.  Daughter will be welcome and there will be plenty of room for her and grandson; but we won’t be making our decisions based on her preferences and/or convenience.

I am more thankful than anyone knows to realize we can buy a NICE home.  It is well within our scope.   I need to really focus on that and make it happen during the window of opportunity.

Time for me to wrap this up this evening, though.  It’s been a bit disjointed, obviously, which comes with the territory.  A lot on my mind, a lot of juggling this and that to make good things happen.

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