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All Cleaned Up

Given that more and more folks are using mobile phones and tablets to surf I figured it was time to move to a cleaner design.  I love color and graphics as much as I ever did, but that doesn’t fix designs where you can’t see to comment – or can’t see the posts.  So here’s my compromise design.  It’s streamlined and no dark box behind the comments.

They kicked us out of work early today.  Darn, can you see my (crocodile) tears over that?  It was my “holiday” day so for the time I was there I was getting double time.  But it was deader than a doornail and realistically nobody could justify the number of bodies at twice their regular pay.  Since my team was among the earliest in we were also among those sent home early.  The rest of the day off is with pay and gives me an extra day to rest up after all the respiratory crud.  I’m vastly better than I was – but still not 100%.  And now unfortunately looks like G’s getting it.  Poor thing’s sniffling and snuffling all over the place.

The family photos and history were a hit with the only child here yesterday, my youngest son.  In addition to the photos on DVD I wrote up several pages of obscure family history, the oddities and scandals I was pretty sure the kids didn’t know.   I put everything into three-ring binders which also was welcomed because this way the kids can add more of their own information and in turn pass it down to THEIR children.  I was hoping to add a family tree to the books but so far haven’t figured out how to compress it into format conducive to printing.

There were no other gifts exchanged at our house for Christmas.  G and I agreed beforehand to hold off and instead of buying each other gifts, we’re putting that money and effort into whatever we need for the house.  We know we’re going to have moving expenses, and know we’ll need some appliances.  Our vacuum cleaner is just this side of dead, and depending on where we move we will probably need to buy at least a washer and dryer, possibly also a fridge.  With all that ahead of us and having a couple of very short months on my paycheck, Christmas goodies weren’t priority for us.  We have food, clothing, a roof over our heads and a wonderful opportunity ahead.

And a car.  We know wherever we move we’re going to have to get a vehicle of some sort.  Our little white vehicle is on its last legs… er, wheels.  Of course I’ve been saying that for a while now and it’s still running, so it may keep putting along for another five or six years or more.  Hard to say.  I just don’t want to count on that if/when we are living in the boonies.

By the way – this house is back on the market.  It’s a short sale and apparently the latest offer fell through.  It’s at least the second time a short sale has failed on this property; I told G it may be waiting for us.  We can’t offer until we get the dispute morass cleared, but once that’s done I want this home.  It’s beautiful and it’s got our names on it.

Of course I could just win the lottery and save a lot of time.  I suppose I should get right on that.

This weekend was nice and peaceful.  G and I spent Christmas Eve watching White Christmas.  (Did I mention my all-time favorite actor is probably Danny Kaye?)  We had a nice quiet meal to ourselves and there was no sense of hustle and bustle.  I’ll be glad to see the kids come back.  I was also grateful for the quiet time.

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