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Adventure Times Soggy

We survived the move and are now in a house that is much larger than we were thinking.  Our living room furniture, such as it is, is dwarfed in a massive living room.  I love it!!!  The master bedroom is also larger than the one in the apartment, discounting the little dressing area which formed kind of an “L” off the main room.  And both bathrooms are huge in comparison.

Pics will eventually be forthcoming, but they require finding the cameras or my going through and doing photo duty with my iPhone.  Considering the rate at which we’re unpacking I wouldn’t hold out for the cameras any time soon, ha!

We’ve still got a few kinks to work out.  The fridge we bought didn’t work, which does not make me happy, and I’m not holding out much hope for its handwritten misspelled warranty.  There was a “repairman” sent out who tinkered and hammered and didn’t do jack to change the situation.  I had tried to talk G into just biting the bullet and buying a new fridge right up front but let myself be talked into going for a used machine, which is always a crapshoot.  I am not overly thrilled to have tossed a few hundred bucks to the wind for the fridge and the subsequent lost money on food, but the bigger issue is the $3K (yes, that’s three THOUSAND dollars) prescription for the grandbaby which must be refrigerated.

I threw the ball into G’s court and told him one way or another we will have a working fridge by the end of the day today.  (One of our neighbors offered a loaner until we could get it sorted out, which I should’ve taken him up on Day One.)  G flaked out, naturally.  Neither is he going to approach the neighbor nor will he take the responsibility to follow up with the guy on the POS we bought, so I have to take care of it.

G’s perfectly capable of doing lots of things, if and when he feels like it – which means I never, ever count on him.  Love him, yes.  Count on him?  Not on your life. I cut him some slack on anything physical because he really worked himself sick during the actual move.  The fridge issue didn’t require physical labor, so I thought maybe he’d actually do it.

Silly me.

So today I’ll be staying here to take care of the fridge mess, and will have to wait until tomorrow to get the last small load from the apartment and finish the cleaning there.  Since I’ll be home today I’ll also be putting up the curtain rods G promised to do Saturday.  And today.  And so on.  He’ll bitch about how I went ahead and he was really going to do it and yada yada yada, and I’ll probably tell him to shut the fuck up. And I’ll follow it up with the evil eye.  The move itself bought him some time, but he’d better not push his luck when I’m already pissed over the fridge and we both know if I waited for him to do the curtain rods we’d still have sheets tacked over the windows come Christmas 2019.

Kitchen storage is substantially less here than in the apartment, so I will be looking into some storage options.  Fridge first though – we have a few odd storage solutions in place for the moment, plenty to get us by for the time being, just not especially pretty.

We’ve also been dealing with the monsoon season in full swing, which means that while temperatures aren’t quite so high (I think we’ve been around 105-ish, maybe 110) it’s humid as heck. Our back yard’s sweet little patch of grass is literally knee-deep right now, which means I also need to go get a line cartridge for the weed eater.  It’s entirely too thick and too tall to tackle with a mower.  If G thinks I’m going to do the deed with the weed eater, though, he’ll be disabused of that notion immediately.  I will bitch at him nonstop until he takes care of it.  He was the one who wanted a big yard and who volunteered for lawn duty and I’m holding him to it.

Today the monsoon decided it had enough piddling around.  The nice little park a few steps from our front door is now a lake, and virtually all roads between here and Phoenix were closed by water.  Since we have no working fridge and our food budget got decimated as a result, we’re stuck with fast food; and going even a few blocks to Micky D’s was a hairy situation.  Our house, fortunately, is high and dry.  The intersection two blocks away, and pretty much the entire stretch of main four-lane roadway between there and the closest business area, were running with water – deep water in places.  It was so bad that one direction the only way you could get through at all was to drive in the middle turn lane the whole length of the road. As it was, I wondered a couple of times if I was going to stall out just in that short trip.  Freaky stuff.

I love the rain, but I’m really glad I don’t have to drive to work this morning at o’dark thirty.  It’s a long drive through the desert with no street lights for several miles along the way.  If the road isn’t barricaded it would be all too easy to drive into a nasty situation without realizing until its too late.

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