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Am I Really Doing This?

Expect the next eight weeks to be post-free, or close to it.

We have been so utterly buried at work that the Powers That Be sent out an edict with a sweet spot: sign up for an extended OT commitment, make it a point to be there for the time promised at 100% attendance and you WILL get an iPad, plus be eligible to win still more of them in the drawing. Probably lots and lots and lots of OT.  If it doesn’t kill me it will finance the replacement ‘puter and replacement car.  And the guarantee of at least one iPad.  I’m betting even with that there will be mandatory OT for the masses soon, so this is sort of a pre-emptive strike.  It’s been that busy and we literally are hiring and training as fast as possible, too.

Much as my body dreads the prospect, my wallet’s looking forward to it in a big way.  What a blessing in an economy where so many people are scrambling to find even minimum wage positions!

G is scoping out an apron because he WILL be cooking.  No more of that “I don’t know how” crap because we both know it’s more “I don’t want to know how.”    I normally don’t mind but for this marathon there will be no excuses and he knows it.  Who knows?  He might even figure out he’s good at it.  I’ll have enough pity on us both to get mostly easy-fix meals, frozen dinners you just shove in the oven and such, though not ONLY that.  He’s decided he’s better than I am at several house-wifey things – including making the bed – and it cracks me up breaks my heart to yield bragging rights every day.  But if I must, I’ll yield the cook’s bragging rights, too.  (You’ll have to imagine that silent-movie overacting sigh at this point, me languishing with the back of my hand against my forehead.)

I once swore I didn’t want a husband, I wanted a wife, only without all the sex-with-a-woman thing.  No offense to anyone here who prefers women; it’s just not my choice in that department.  G’s about as close as possible to what I asked for on that score.  And no worries – I already warned him I’ll castrate him by hand if he bitches even once about my shoes on the floor or a mess on my desk over the next few weeks, heh.

God knows it’ll be heavenly to have a vehicle again with AC that works, one that’s suitable for driving on the freeway and out of town.  Just taking the freeway to work and back would shave off nearly half my drive time most days.

I’d already been working weekend and after-hours OT on a semi-regular basis for several months now so this really won’t be all that big a deal for me, particularly once the munchkins move out and it’s quiet and less crowded at home again.  I did longer hours when working for the phone company a few years back, working Monday through Friday 7am-10PM and eight hours on Saturday.  That was a fifteen-years-younger me with only one quiet kid in the house, the only neat one in the bunch.  (Very short period while the other kids stayed with their dad’s family.)

G can take care of himself and Ye Puppy of Doggy, walk down the road to the store or to grab something to eat, etc.  He’s got a couple of all-day bus passes if he wants or needs to wander any further.  All in all, it’s as good a timing as can be.

Here’s hoping I can hold on without imploding, because I signed on the virtual dotted line so it’s a done deal.

Finally, just because I can, the ultimate geek song:

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