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I will be working this morning, holiday or not, so this will be typed with all haste.  Hopefully they’ll kick us out early, which is typical for holidays but this year NOTHING has been typical at work, so who knows.

This weekend ended up being a book-a-thon.  I started reading a new book sent to me from a very kind friend.  I’ve gotten partway through and will try to send her some feedback once I’m through.  However, since it was just G and I for the entire weekend, I took advantage  of the peace and quiet and tore into my own book, the one I started back in the dark ages and am trying to get online.  I will be publishing on Amazon and probably doing an ebook – don’t know how their paperback aspect works, though if they offer that as an option I might take it there too.  I started this stupid book nearly thirty years ago, and so help me I WILL finish it and get it published.

It was a surreal experience.  It had been so long since I’d last written that I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the writing process and simultaneously hate it.  I also was pleasantly surprised that a lot of the story I’d written was reasonably good as-is.  I’ve got a little over 62K words at the moment but after the rewrite should easily cross the 75K threshold that’s a typical book.  The first chapter gave me grief; it was too light for the rest of the story.  I did some serious tweaking and finally just shut it down for good.  Before I hand it off to Amazon I’ll read it out loud (always recommended to catch glaring typos) and have at least one or two people beta-read for me.  Like everyone else, I’m prone to typos, and my laptop is such an anachronism it contributes to the problem.  It’s been known to suddenly erase entire paragraphs, or even pages.

It’s awesome, however, to finally see the light at the end of this particular tunnel.  I have other stories to tell, stories that are very different in scope.  This one, though, has been the equivalent of an earworm that wouldn’t let me go.  Once it’s out there, hopefully I can tackle a story a friend of mine asked me to write, several years ago.  It’s taken from her family history and in my opinion deserves to be told.

My ten minutes is up, with a couple of more on top of it.  Time to head out to work.

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