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ABBA’s Got Nuttin’

I crack myself up sometimes.  (Oh hush.  So I’m easily amused.)  I was humming ABBA’s Dancing Queen whilst realizing that I personally am the TYPO Queen.

I typed yesterday about the iPODs – when was actually iPADs.  Yeesh, my fingers and brain are on different wavelengths.  While an iPOD would be nice, with an iPAD I can go online when and more-or-less where the mood strikes me.

Ohhhhkay…  It’s Friday and I have a blissful day off starting tomorrow.  Was talking with a friend of mine today who didn’t realize why there’s abject panic at work.  See, we’re absolutely buried now, while it’s still supposed to be quiet.  God help us a week from now.  All Hell’s gonna break loose, seriously.  I wasn’t exaggerating about the mandatory OT and will be surprised if it doesn’t jump to 20 hours a week per person.  The only limitation I can imagine will be the literal amount of space.  If it were quiet enough here at home I’d ask about telecommuting for a while.  It would allow one more free seat at the offices where that kind of real estate is a premium.

For the record – I will absolutely be resting as much as possible, and for the split-schedule days will head out for a two-hour leisurely dinner between shifts.  Nice part is that I’m a jump, hop and a skip away from all kinds of restaurants and so on, so I can relax between takes.  There are three of us from my team; we’ll probably pile into a shared vehicle and go have dinner together.  Or not – hard to call it.  And did I mention Half Price Books is around the proverbial corner?  And gorgeous weather?

Now if I can just convince myself to stay healthy throughout we’re golden.

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