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Abandon Chip

I thought this was cute:

It’s part of a geek vandalism slideshow, the concept being that geeks are no less likely than anyone else to do stupid things like posting bills where told it’s not allowed; they just do it with a sense of humor.  For example: on the wall where it said “post no bills” or some variation thereof, someone slapped up pictures of Bills: Bill Murray, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and so on.  I do so love a warped sense of humor. Click on the picture to see the whole slideshow. Some are cute and thoughtful, a couple fall under the category of “meh”.

Survived yesterday’s bout of overtime but came home to play taxi service to my daughter before the night was over.  I was fine had it been the originally-planned trip only.  I wasn’t so fine after several diversions along the way, one of which entailed my sitting in the car with the baby for half an hour.  By the time I finally got home it meant I’d gone virtually the entire day without eating and mama was NOT a happy camper and daughter unit knew it in spades.  If it ever hits that point again the kid is on her own.

Today’s projects have so far included cleaning my nightstand, desk and the sink area in our bedroom.  We have a full bath in the master bedroom but the sink sits outside the rest of the bathroom area.  Nice concept, not the best execution.  Gave G a haircut/beard trim.  Would be fine if he went to the barber, but we have the wherewithal and as he puts it, it saves us $15-20 a pop for me to do it.  He just has to get it done on my schedule. Stripped the old bedding and G & I made the bed.  All of which combined amounted to maybe an hour or less.  Sorted through some things to offer on Freecycle, and will likely do more of the same in the next few days.  Still need to make a trip to Wally World, much as I hate the prospect.  If I could make one stop elsewhere to get the same stuff, I would SO do it.  Also need to hem a pair of pants, fix a bracelet, and a couple of other easy-do projects like those.

Hopefully before the day is out I’ll also get a chance to rip some CDs to iTunes.  There’s a stack on my desk, all gleaned from thrift stores for an average cost of 50¢ each.

I intended to give a couple of relaxation-themed CDs to Poolie when she was here.  Unfortunately we had such a short visit it completely slipped my mind.  I also meant to send some magnesium oil with her for ZenAndChocolate, but nooo…  Sooner or later my brain will engage and I’ll mail the stuff out, I guess.  Can’t believe I haven’t done that already, yeesh.

Somewhere in the deep, dark reaches I’ve got ZenAndChocolate’s address.  I’ll mail her that and maybe some books, provided I can find out her preferences in that department.

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