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A Wee Bit of Updatery

The girls are both sore but basically okay after their early-morning misadventure.  (Details back one entry – link here if you missed it.)  Boyfriend, on the other hand, is cooling his heels in a hospital bed for at least several days.  He texted out alerts to the world at large that he’d gotten his ass (and everything else, for that matter) kicked by a couple of female freight trains.

He told my older daughter he’s scared of her but terrified of her little sister.

Heh.  He should be.

The irony is that one of the people he texted was the girls’ little brother, my younger son.  Kid Brother apparently replied, “I’d kick your ass myself for hitting either one of them, but I’ll let you slide since they took care of it already.  I could’ve told you to never, ever mess with [Little Sister].  She’ll mess you UP.”

The irony was that it was apparently Big Sister who did the bulk of the damage.  Boyfriend’s face is pretty well trashed on one side and that was all Big Sister’s doing.  [Her BF, long history of bad news from him apparently.]  He’s all kinds of shades of black and blue, can’t eat and isn’t gonna hit anybody again for a while.  Unfortunately my older daughter opted not to move out, not for the time being.  She’s over 18 and much as I’d like to drag her kicking and screaming from the house, the police said it’s ultimately her choice.  The only redeeming grace is that Boyfriend IS hospitalized and she’s got a few safe days to do some in-depth thinking and hopefully come to her senses.  Big Sister is so called based on chronology, not physical size.  Big Sister is maybe 100lbs soaking wet.  Little sister outweighs her and can really pack a punch.

Have been trying for a while now to figure out how to juggle the finances to go through weight-loss hypnotherapy.  At the very best we were talking about a few hundred bucks, and my budget was already shrieking obscenities in my general direction due to the moving costs.  While I do have prepaid FSA funds available, the hypnotherapy was a gray area as far as coverage and didn’t look like it was going to be approved.

My massage therapist provided a terrific solution.  She’s a recent graduate and her school taught other alternative therapy options, including hypnotherapy for weight loss (among other goodies.)   They offer sessions for free or reduced costs as training grounds for their students!  Group sessions are free.   One-on-ones are $15 per session.  All are of course supervised by instructors.  That’s lower than my co-pay would be for a covered service under my health insurance.  I’ve already emailed for an appointment.  Thank you Kristina, massage therapist Extraordinaire!  I don’t mind being a guinea pig.  In fact, I consider it a wonderful trade-off, a win-win situation.

They also offer some wonderful other life-management programs.  If everything goes as hoped, I may go through all courses.

Unfortunately there was one little blip that lassoed my attention today.  The check engine light has come on in our car.  The springs are also going.  We only paid $800 for the vehicle and have already done some repairs to it, which makes me reluctant to put anything more than minimal upkeep into keeping ti running.  That being the case, we may have to bite the bullet and take on a car payment  in the near future.  If we pick up another cheap used vehicle we’ll be dealing with more repair bills, and there’s a risk of being stranded or worse.  I need to knock down a couple of other bills, we’ve already lowered the rent, and if I can keep the little Chrysler running for a few more weeks we’ll be able to get something.  I’ve already established rapport with a dealership, albeit one halfway to Timbuktu from here.  Oh well – everything happens for a reason, in the right time.  I’d rather it be like this, where we get fair warning and have the chance to plan for any eventualities.  God and the Universe will provide.

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