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A Hunting We Did Go

Wanna know how fast I work?  We put an offer in on a house today and have a second place in reserve.  We are giving it our best shot for our first choice; it is hands-down the best option we’ve found to date.  It’s at the upper level of what we can spend, which is daunting, but considering the same house would’ve been selling just three months ago for about $20K less (possibly even lower) I am praying the upswing in the market is going to hold and continue.

It’s a 4 bedroom 3 bath with all kinds of bells and whistles, and the photos don’t begin to do it justice.  G can have his office space at the front of the place, daughter and grandson have their space, there’s a separate TV room should we use it that way, and the sprinkler system is installed in both front and back yards.  It’s around the corner from both a park and the elementary school, very quiet neighborhood AND it’s at the far northern end of the community, which means a shorter commute for me.

We looked at a couple of other places and one of them is our reserve.  Since these are short sales and we’re pretty darned limited on our time window to get in before the mortgage rules change this fall, we knew we had to step up and do the deed immediately.  G’s balking hit the road about two seconds into this house.  He absolutely fell in love with it, possibly more than I did, heh.  I love it when his jaw drops.  He sucked in his breath at the pricing – until we talked to mortgage dude and got the figures for the whole shebang.  It’s about $50 a month difference between this kick-ass gorgeous place vs the others that are still decent homes, but about 400sf less and need work.  Once we got that through to him, he was ALLLLL about this place.

Going with this home DOES mean pushing back our timeline by a couple of months, but that is also perfectly fine with me.  That will mean absolutely no problem with our existing lease – it will be a done deal and we’ll have to pay a couple of months of exorbitant non-lease rent at worst.  We will survive.

The downside is that we already know there will be a bidding war for this place, which is why I knew we’d have to kick up the price over our comfort zone if we wanted it.  We are willing to go $10K over the asking price.  We’ll find out in the next few days if that’s enough for the owner.  If it is, then we still have to negotiate with the bank.  Fortunately my realtor and my mortgage dude are real pros at what they do.  I’ve seen some piss-poor examples from friends’ experiences and am immensely grateful to be working with this team.

Cross your fingers.

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