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A Ghost of a Chance

It never rains but it pours, then flash floods, then REALLY floods, then mudslides for good measure, then hurricanes and earthquakes and… well, you get the idea.

Mind you, none of this is really bad stuff and I know people who would almost kill for this kind of opportunity. It’s just increasingly overwhelming.

Since, you know, I don’t already have enough to do, I had a plum opportunity dropped into my lap tonight, and I decided to pursue it. It’s a ghost-writing assignment with the potential to work into a series of connections. I have been dealing directly with the author and I think our writing styles are comparable, which is a pleasant surprise. Ergo if I write on his behalf I think it would be a pretty seamless transition with no great effort on my part to mirror his flow.

Theoretically this should be a fairly fast work. The author has already published before and has something in the vicinity of 20K of an estimated 40K words already put together – the guts of the project in fact. I gathered that what’s left is sludge of numbers, filler and the glue to put all the odd pieces together. Just call me Krazy Glue. I think I can do it and sent the guy my last manuscript in hopes it wouldn’t be so far removed from his genre that he wasn’t interested. I pointed out that I also did a long stint in the news business so could also write things in a less conversational tone, but given his genre (flipping houses) and the style of his previous books (he provided the PDF of both) it looks like I can work smack in the middle of my writing comfort zone and it will come across as him. We went back and forth by email for a bit and will probably pick up again tomorrow.

He offered a choice of either pay by word or a portion of royalties. I might take royalties, depending on the split. He told me his first two books, which he linked to me, made him over a million bucks apiece. If he paid me 5 percent and this book did comparable numbers, that would be more than I was making at my previous job. Heck, if he paid me 2 percent it would be a nice chunk o’ change. Of course that’s all predicated on sales happening, and nobody can guarantee sales. His track record is pretty convincing though.

If nothing else, should this project fly I’ve already been pointed to another ghost-writing project, and this would be a nice little bit of experience under my belt going into that one. Plus if we can work well together this guy’s already said he has some other projects in the works and we’d just make it an ongoing project. I could handle that.

The project out of Canada is still limping along. The tech end of it ran into glitches (nothing insurmountable, but glitches nonetheless). I haven’t touched the biz plan since Tuesday. It’s been… challenging. I can’t accomplish a thing while the grandson is here. The good news is that my daughter has been approved for an apartment and is scheduled to move in early March. I love her and love my grandson, but early March can’t come soon enough.

I did get a little writing done on my companion book to the how-to-find-a-lover book I just published. There’s a link somewhere on the right side of the page. Don’t make me put a big honking red arrow somewhere to point it out. Working on the companion book meant writing at o’dark thirty all night long, by gum, but I did it. I went to bed at 4:45am and was up again at 7:30-ish. My body was less than thrilled with the all-nighter escapade. I’m way, WAY too old for this shit.


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