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A Factor of New

It was the first day of a four-day weekend, thanks to two vacation days.  It was also brutal, just a dead run all day and G in one of his funks.

Not all bad.  Just long and demanding, dealing with a lot of stuff at once.

Youngest daughter’s boyfriend got a job – again.  (First one was marginal to start with and revolved around political crap.  When it went away it was likewise thanks to political crap.)  This job is more up his alley and will give him the legit opportunity to make some decent money.  I know the company and worked there a while back.  Liked the job, liked the people I worked with, just gave the kid the tip to watch them erode the pay after a while.  He already knew the company so was braced for all the stuff that goes with.  He was gone most of the day between the paperwork and doing the pee test.  You know the drill.

Youngest daughter has been deathly sick for a couple of weeks.  I figured she was pregnant but she pointed out that basically it was a lotta “no way,” for a lot of reasons.  I wasn’t buying it, but what do I know?

I dropped her off at the doctor’s office this afternoon and sure enough, she’s a few weeks along.  Her bf is ecstatic.  He has another child, a little girl, who’s over here about once a week.  The little one is an absolute doll and her daddy worships her.  She, meanwhile, has a serious case of hero worship for G.  I don’t get it: he has this face that, whilst I love it, is so stern you’d think this child would be terrified.  A lot of munchkins are scared of beards, too – but not this little bundle of energy.  She also keeps Ye Puppy of Doggy busy while she’s here; they do a marathon through the house and both of them have a ball.

When daughter told me she was pregnant, she was holding her breath.  I think the last thing she expected from me was, “Well yeah.  I knew that.”  Heh.  And G’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.  Did I mention he absolutely adores the grandbabies?  Once she realized nobody was going ballistic over it, her stress levels dropped to zilch.  She has two other children but for the first she was too young to really be a parent; and with the second her ex literally nearly killed her.  (I tried helping her then but like most abused women, she wasn’t capable of getting past the brainwashing from her spouse.)  This time around she’s got support all the way around.

I got a nasty-gram from the cable company today, which puzzled me to no end.  I’d paid all my bills mid-month and had a zero balance, and I most assuredly never saw the numbers that slammed me in that “Urgent Notice!”

I get and pay all my bills online and the cable folks told me a long time ago that when I moved it would still be the same login for the new place.  *Insert rude buzzer sound here.*  NOT.  So I had two months of billing – PLUS the $25 land line they promised had inflated magically to more than $100 on the first bill.  I told G that’s it, it’s going and I’m reinstating the daughter’s phone.  Adding her phone to the cell and upping our plan wouldn’t cost us $100 a month, or even $50 a month.  Not only is the VoIP higher priced, it massacred our Internet speed and messed with our TV reception, so I sure won’t be sorry to see it go.

Plus, when I went in to get the daughter’s new phone today (had to replace her old one, which was crap,) I remembered to take in a check stub, which means in a couple of months we’ll start seeing a discount that’ll offset more than the price difference to add her phone.  We bumped up the plan so there’ll be a little bit of an increase – but nowhere in the ball park of $100, not even with the inevitable proration.  Since I also canceled the phone insurance on top of that, though, it won’t be far from the previous price per month AND we’ll be double the minutes, re-add Friends & Family and revert to unlimited text for all of us.

I used to believe in phone insurance; then I started adding it up.  By the time you pay $7 a month and a hefty deductible for a USED phone, you might as well just go to a used phone place and pay less than the deductible and skip the $7 a month entirely.  My daughter’s experience was the final straw on that; we paid for phone insurance and her phone died.  She paid over $100 deductible to replace it – and the first time the phone company sent her a phone it said had been stolen(!); the second time it was another broken phone; and the third time was one that worked only intermittently.

G and I did the doctor thing today too, with follow up lab stuff Monday.  G got a clean bill of health now that his BP is down.  I asked for follow up on the advice of my chiro.  I told my doctor that he’d recommended because blah-blah.  They’re doing more x-rays, more blood work, and chances are at the very least I’ll be taking cholesterol meds.  Waiting to see what’s decided on the pain situation.  I hope it’s something that can show up on the tests.  I guess fibromyalgia and comparable don’t really generate any clinical results.  Kind of like ALS, which killed my mother.  It’s diagnosed by symptoms when they can’t figure out anything else.

The good news – sort of – is that I had lost five pounds.  Whoopity doo.   As the doctor pointed out, it’s better than gaining, but it’s not enough to make an appreciable difference in either my health or my appearance.

My massage therapist finally got her website up and running.  She’s such a neat lady and her bf did a great job with her site.  Hurts like hell when she’s working on me, but when she’s done beating me up every week it feels vastly better.  Check her out.  (The main site for the clinic is at  I promised Dr. Chris I’d link to him too.)  Joanie needs to get herself a website, Poolie!

So yeah – today was running crazy from doctor to doctor and putting up with G’s sourpuss moods.  He’s depressed – understandably so – which means he sleeps more than anything else.  I can’t do anything to rescue him from depression.  He won’t address it with the doctor, unfortunately, just refuses outright.

The IRS sent me a notice, which had me holding my breath until I opened it… Turns out that while I did my math right, there was that extra rebate tax credit a couple of years back.  Which reduces my tax bill by the same amount.  I’m way good with that!

So yeah – not a bad day at all.  I’m just tired and hurting (and tired of hurting.)  So since I don’t have to work tomorrow I’m going to gulp down a couple of Tylenol PM and crash.  The stuff knocks me out for the better part of 24 hours so I don’t dare take it during on a night before I have to work.  I’m such a lightweight.

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