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A Bit of a Snit

A couple of weeks ago (give or take) I posted something about a book I was reading, one by an author named [name removed to stop the ongoing grief I’ve gotten from people who claim she’s a real witch who will cast a spell on me.  Apparently the spell involves diary spam and if so, she was very successful].  I had employed the one and only useful bit of information I found in her otherwise… well… er…  I don’t even know how to describe her “work”. (And I use the term loosely.)  I’m all in favor of a lot of New Age principles, but some of this lady’s meanderings would feel right at home in a box of Fruit Loops.  I’ll spare you any quotes, as I don’t want to be responsible for any resultant nausea.  Let’s just say she described a personal relationship with The Virgin Mary, and that was one of her more rational moments.

I bought the book for next to nothing (and can now see why it was in the bargain bin,) and it took me about two minutes into the book to realize that as fluff, it makes a goosedown feather look heavy and cumbersome.  I am still wondering if it was meant to be a parody.

As a parody it’s freaking hilarious.

If this woman is serious about the whole she-bang –  hoo, boy.

The sadder part is that a couple of days ago I got hit with a comment , intercepted by Kismet (thank you, WordPress!)  It was a rambling, vitriolic rant that I ultimately declined.  I had planned to approve it despite the fact that it wasn’t written with the slightest nod to grammar, structure or intellect.  I planned to approve it, all right, right up until I sent an email to the bogus Yahoo email address and got a bounceback message saying the email was bogus.  Someone apparently set up an auto-response mechanism to hunt down anything mentioning Laura Bushnell’s name and post the same verbatim comment.  I am pretty sure I saw the exact wording on another site when I did a search on the author.

I have exactly zero problem with someone speaking their mind, which was why I had decided to okay the comment.  I do, however, have a problem with mindless spam that posts without real consideration to what’s written here and without an actual living, breathing human behind it.  But when it comes down to it, isn’t that the definition of “spam”?

Oh well.

We’re on our way out today to look at some more places.  After much disgusting discussion, G and I agreed that much as we like the place in Timbuktu, it isn’t doable.  I initiated the decision but G didn’t try to argue the point with me.  (Hey, he’s learning.)  I’m driving a 15-year-old car to work and there ain’t no bus that far out.  We’d spend a LOT more in gas getting back and forth, and by the time you figure in all that PLUS the fact that we’d have to do our own maintenance, it would make more sense to just keep looking.  There are a lot of options out there.  Not only that, but in this part of the country once it starts warming up (which is oh, about NOW,) there will be more available places for cheaper.  Because the winter visitors evaporate in the sun so those of us who live here year-round and have brains will be the ones making the calls.

Before anyone comments on the cheap housing here – and yes, it’s below some parts of the country – keep in mind that in this job market a $25K job is considered a good paying position.

Gotta get off here for the day.  Our cable box died AGAIN.  This is the third one and this time I’m calling them to get out here and fix the mess.

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