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…To Be Continued

My sole granddaughter was here overnight and went home this afternoon. She made me a lovely, magical handmade card filled with a lot of love. I’d call that a perfect birthday gift if ever there was one!  G and I are also planning on going out for dinner tomorrow, which is my actual birthday.  Even I don’t know how much is for my birthday and how much so we don’t jointly murder the kids.

I got the new CC in the mail today, which was nicely timed.  I intend to use it to pay off a MUCH higher interest bill  Much as I’d like to use it toward Christmas gifts, I have to take the more pragmatic approach.  With the OT I’ve got on my next check I should be able to do a bit of shopping.  (Here’s hoping anyway.)  But you bet your sweet bippy it’ll be online, baby.  Come to think of it, I might just shop with the card and retire the old bill with the overtime pay, given the timing involved. The numbers will all come out in the end.

Oh – and I forgot to mention.  I scored a killer deal last weekend.  I love Dress Barn for clothing.  They tend to offer things that are appropriately tailored for work, very comfy and they always have something in my size.  Their regular pricing is a bit steep for me, but I always check out the clearance racks.  SCORE!  Their clearance racks last week were 70 percent off!  I snatched up a skirt set I’d been eying forever but simply couldn’t justify the price even though the original price really wasn’t bad.  They had exactly one left and it was in my size.  I paid $15 for the thing.  I was jazzed, let me tell you.  I also found a pair of extra-wide dress pumps, something I likewise needed but couldn’t afford.  I paid more than $15 for them but substantially less than the $100-ish that I normally expect to pay for dress shoes.  So on those fronts I feel like i made out like a bandit. The shoes were a necessary evil.  We are specifically prohibited from casual wear at the office Christmas party in a couple of weeks.  That meant either I got some shoes or I didn’t go, because the only other shoes I had were a pair of worn Crocs clogs, a pair of white sneakers and a pair of fuzzy bedroom slippers.

My ears were blowing smoke today at one point.  I verbally reamed the boyfriend (daughter’s boyfriend) and he just blew me off totally, barely even acknowledged I’d spoken to him.  I pointed out that a lack of planning on his part does not, ever, constitute a crisis on mine; and that their decision not to invest in a vehicle that would’ve given them wheels (and with them, better job opportunities) does not ever entitle them to free taxi service from moi.  That was one of his more excessively stupid moves.  Never blow off the lady who’s supporting your ass when she’s not blindly in love with said ass, because she can and will KICK YOUR ASS OUT.

I’m just sayin’.

I’m nearly to the point of not being mad any more.  (Don’t worry – I said “nearly.”)  You almost have to feel sorry for someone so intensely arrogant it blocks everything resembling rational thought.  It’ll be fun to watch him dance for his supper when I smack him upside of the head with that whole “No, when I said get out of here by XX date, you WILL be out of here by XX date or you get forcibly removed from the premises by the police.  How’s that gonna look when it comes to visitation with your little girl, the one you already flaked out too much to support and already get to see only with supervision?”

I do love playing with my food.  I don’t get this angry easily but by the time I get there, I’m full Klingon: revenge is a dish best served cold.  Make me mad enough and I can out-freeze Antarctica.

Stupidity shatters when it gets that cold.  I’ll have G standing by with a broom.

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