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Fill ‘Er Up

Whew – talk about a full house!  We ended up with about a dozen people here, which is a lot for a small apartment.  My youngest son brought along his girlfriend and her two smallest munchkins.  I know he’d had a girlfriend for a while and had asked him to meet her.  His response at the time was, “if she’s important enough you’ll meet her.”  So I take it she’s important enough.

She’s a very pretty young woman and seems sharp and together, and her kids clearly adore my son.  I hope for a whole lot of reasons that this works out.  My son’s a sweetheart (and not just on my say-so) and has really gotten reamed in the girlfriend department.  He’s picky about the young women he dates and tends to be a long-term kind of person.  His first serious girlfriend left him while they were both in college because she said she wasn’t ready to get married – and she married someone about two months after breaking up with my son.  Second one I don’t know the specifics other than that they were together for a few years before she packed up and moved in with her mom and dad several states away.

D takes everything to heart in a big way so while I may not know the particulars I know the sad after-effects.

My sis brought me a slightly early birthday gift today, which I seriously had forgotten all about.  She gave me a laptop desk with its own lamp.  I don’t have a laptop but I DO often read and write in bed, so this was a Godsend and muchly loved!!!


G also ordered my combination Christmas/Birthday gift this weekend.  We’d been saving up for a while because my computer monitor is slowly disintegrating.  The dead pixels now form a cloudscape across the desktop, and from the looks of things a storm is brewing, heh.  So when we found this monitor for less than $100 delivered including an extra year’s replacement warranty, we ordered it.

We’d put back most of the price already.  If all goes well it should be delivered around this time next week.

It’s a widescreen, which isn’t functionally speaking a big deal to me.  Will make it nice if I rent and watch a movie though.

We had So.  Much.  Food today.  I made a humongous turkey and a ham, sent leftovers with all but our veggan neighbor, and still have all kinds of food left.  My sis thoughtfully brought two chocolate cheesecakes, vegan neighbor brought in a yummilicious dessert and I’d bought a pumpkin pie, and of course there were alllll the trimmings.  The big fight, ironically, was for the mashed potatoes.  I guess I’m the only person in a few hundred miles who still makes mashed potatoes by peeling, cutting and cooking real potatoes, vs. instants.  I also made a green bean casserole, first time I’d ever made one.  There wasn’t even a smell of those left.  Homemade bread – again, everybody got some, still had leftovers but we didn’t have much of it left here.

The vegan neighbor isn’t so much vegan on principle as she is forced there due to medical issues.  She was munching out on what looked to me like sliced cheese rolled in sesame seeds.  She couldn’t even eat the dessert stuff she brought us since she has horrible reactions to anything containing gluten, sugars, and half a thousand other things most of us take for granted.  It was the first time I’d met her but G invited her.  No worries – she seems like a very sweet young woman and while he may have invited her initially, I followed up and asked her back again.

G and I had a long discussion yesterday and agreed that we’re giving the kids an ultimatum.  They have until the end of January to move out.  Youngest daughter’s boyfriend has overstepped more bounds than I can count and while I never want to see anyone living on the streets, neither will I keep supporting a young man who’s effectively the reincarnation of the kids’ dad.  I divorced hubby #1 for a reason and I am certainly under no obligation to keep his flaky doppleganger around.  He is the kind who won’t get his act together until forced to do so, and even then he’ll bleed my daughter dry before moving on to greener pastures.  We talked a few days ago and while those weren’t his exact words, it wasn’t even a pathetic attempt to mask the intent.

No skin off my nose.  It’s been heavenly to have the place back to ourselves.  G’s been substantially more personable without daughter’s boyfriend around.  If it were just the two guys butting heads I’d look at it differently, but after a few recent discussions with the boyfriend I simply want him out (the boyfriend, not G.)   I don’t owe him shit and don’t intend to take any more of his shit, either, heh.

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