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People Who Live in Glass Tiled Houses

I want a room tiled with these. Totally.

I looked around the site and saw other goodies, too. This also caught my eye:

Long day today.  Hooray for the fact that it was a Friday.  I did the chiro thing and saw Kristina, my massage miracle-worker.  Good thing; it’s 11pm and I haven’t yet had a chance to ooze into bed.  My chiro is awesome too, don’t get me wrong; but he frigging HURTS.  Kristina has her moments but for the most part she acts as a buffer against my chiro.   All I know is my body thanks them both.

Kristina is probably going to build a site.  When she does, I’ll link to her on principle.  She’s new so building clientele and while I don’t think any of my readers are from the Phoenix metro area, you never really know.

My youngest son – the sane one, the one who works for a living and passes as human most of the time – got stranded thanks to an over-the-top flat tire today.  He didn’t just take out the tire.  The rim was destroyed, and the tire place told him he’s got another tire on the verge of catastrophic failure, too.  With that on top of his recent house-buying experience, topped by a girlfriend whose counted-on income disappeared when she flew the coop, and the fact that his unemployed big brother, sis in law and baby moved in… Well, suffice to say it wasn’t pretty to his wallet.  So we picked him up from work tonight at substantially past my bedtime and he’ll probably be camped out in the vicinity for the next few days.

Fortunately I’d ordered a pizza for dinner and we had plenty of leftovers for him to scarf down once he got here, too.

G’s futzing about my coming to bed, so guess I’ll call it a night for now.

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