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Thank you, Her-Story, for the Versatile Blogger award!

Versatile Blogger AwardThese are the rules.

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic for whatever reason!
4. Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the award.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Thank & Link

Thanks, HS!  I was feeling thoroughly sorry for myself for being overlooked, despite the fact that I am a terrible blogger.  You do nice things for me and I appreciate it very much.

Seven things about myself

I’m not sure there are seven things I’ve missed over the years of blogging.  Some of this I’ve probably posted before.

1. I adore all the traditionally “icky” foods: spinach, broccoli, beef liver, asparagus…  I love beef heart and beef tongue, chicken gizzards, and goodness knows what other culinary goodies that other people find repulsive.
2. I tend to devour trashy paperback romances because they’re mindless, but really I’m an omnivorous reader: anything in print, I’ll read it!
3. I hate horror movies but my strongest and favorite writing genre is… horror!
4. I can generally talk myself out of a bad mood – or into one.
5. My talk mode is either full ON or full OFF.  I go on chatterbox jags, then retreat into near-absolute silence for days if given the choice.
6. I have a brown thumb and four brown fingers on each hand.  I am the plant-terminator, even though I love plants.
7. My idea of heaven: a cool, breezy day in the middle of the woods, with camera in hand.

15 New Bloggers

Ummm… I don’t think even one of my readers hasn’t already been tagged for this, unless it’s the MIA Miss Hiss, who has become our mystery blogger – pops on to comment now and then, only to flit away in a puff of smoke.  If you have somehow been overlooked here or elsewhere, then TAG!  YOU’RE IT!   There are  others I’d love to tag, but like Miss Hiss they’ve fallen into blog limbo, only now and then visible online.

We are down to the wire for the move.  I am alternately elated and depressed.  Elated because it is a much larger place with a to-die-for kitchen, substantially lower rent, includes washer, dryer and fireplace and amazing storage.  Depressed because my preference for spartan living conditions will be usurped by my pack-rat spouse.  The daughter was moving in with us, now she’s not.  I am not holding my breath either way.  She’s supposedly moving to Michigan to be with her latest boyfriend-who’s-not-a-boyfriend.  I can’t dictate to her because she’s over 21, but if she drops out of nursing school for another loser I will find her, wherever she is, and kick her ass to kingdom come and back.

G will be mighty busy after we get moved.  With our ever-expanding library we absolutely must have a shelving system, rather than random mismatched bookcases.  We’re up to five bookcases now, no two alike.  I’m done with that.  G has carpentry skills and tools and I’m constantly seeing free wood supplies on Craigslist and Freecycle.  Even if we have to buy part of the materials, it’s either that or I’m going to go through and do some ruthless weeding of books.

Ruth’s absence simply wouldn’t do, so it’s full-wall shelving.

I think I’ve covered all the basics: power move – check.  Cable move – check.  Pick up key this Friday – check.  Reserve U-Haul – check.  Entry before I nod off for the night – check.

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