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We FINALLY found a place!!!  Could you hear some crazy woman cheering earlier today?  That would be me – especially if you heard it accompanied by a man’s comparable cheer with a Dutch accent, heh.

The $350 house I pointed to last time out – scam.  Not surprising, people will scam any way they can.   (Yes!  The house is for rent for cheap!  You have to apply online and give me all your personal and banking information before I’ll tell you the address!)  Yeahhh… not so much.  I originally just figured it was probably either a really bad part of town (there are some places for under $500 in the ghetto parts of town) or it was a typo.  Like missing the “1” before the “350”.

Living RoomThe place we will be moving is a 2/2 condo with a fireplace, a HUMONGOUS kitchen, W/D, and $100 less than what we’re currently paying for rent.

I fell in instant lust with the kitchen.  It’s got one long – I’m guessing 8′ or better – unbroken line of granite countertop.  A dozen or more drawers for storage, plus cabinets, a pantry, and built-in microwave.

The natural light is absolutely heavenly after our current little box.  There are windows everywhere.  It’s an end unit so there are windows on three sides of the house.  We’ll have two patios, one off the dining area and one off the bedrooms.  Location wise it’s about as close to perfect as we could imagine.  It’s roughly a mile from MCC where my daughter’s going to school; centrally located between the three offices where I work; and about half a mile from a big mall.  Add up the built-in bookcases in the living room, walk-in closets in both bedrooms, and it’s frankly more storage than I’ve ever seen.

Most places photograph the place to make it look better than it is.  This was the first time I ever found a place that was substantially better than the photos.  It’s got about 300sf more than where we now live, and the layout really maximizes the space.

GroundsG found this little gold mine.  I told him here a while back I’m officially handing over all responsibility for finding stuff to him because he ALWAYS finds us the best deals.

I think he’s relieved as I am to finally pin things down.  I was bitchy as hell and so was he.  We were sniping at one another almost constantly, just futzing over the whole thing.

It’s a huge load off my shoulders just to know we don’t have to look any more.  I’m SO over the house hunt!!

Scored a free espresso machine last night, too.  It was a Freecycle find.  The previous owner broke the pot and instead of replacing the pot, just decided to give the whole thing away.  I’m sure we can find a suitable receptacle for a song (or maybe even for free.)  Freecycle and Craigslist have been very kind to me!

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