Alternative Irony

It finally dawned on me why so many people voted for Trump. It’s simple, when you think about it. Politicians never keep their campaign promises. Never. Think about it. It’s the assumption that they’re lying out of their collective assets. Therefore… Nobody once considered the possibility that Trump might actually carry through on what he […]

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road


The new job is interesting. As expected, it’s more complicated than my initial impression, and will likely be a snap once I actually get the hang of all the systems. Seriously – this job is one that, once I get the basics down, will be something I could almost do in my sleep. I foresee […]

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And the Answer Is…


How many of my readers grew up with game shows? Show of hands…? Yup, me too. My mother’s holy grail every night, after dinner, was Jeopardy. I think she was secretly in love with Alex Trebek. But Wheel of Fortune came in a close second, with all of us making wild guesses from those intermittent […]

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This month has been a nail biter, fiscally speaking, even more so than the past couple of months. Yet hubby and I agreed together that something would come through for us again. And lo and behold, it did. Hubby handed me cash to cover our space rent, I got another one-off job, we sold something […]

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