And the Answer Is…


How many of my readers grew up with game shows? Show of hands…? Yup, me too. My mother’s holy grail every night, after dinner, was Jeopardy. I think she was secretly in love with Alex Trebek. But Wheel of Fortune came in a close second, with all of us making wild guesses from those intermittent […]

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This month has been a nail biter, fiscally speaking, even more so than the past couple of months. Yet hubby and I agreed together that something would come through for us again. And lo and behold, it did. Hubby handed me cash to cover our space rent, I got another one-off job, we sold something […]

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Cleanup On Aisle Internet

Christmas girl

Now that I’m no longer directly in the tech industry – though that’s kind of swinging back the other direction, which I’ll explain in a bit – I decided it was time to do some cleanup on my plethora of websites. Yes, I did use plethora, and yes it does sound pretentious. I just couldn’t […]

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